To link sharing μέσω e-mail καλά κρατεί!

24 Μαΐ 2010 | Γενικά

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Link sharing

Σύμφωνα με τα στατιστικά στοιχεία Απριλίου-Μαΐου της 1ης και της μοναδικής sharing υπηρεσίας στην Ελλάδα, (242,353 impressions served and counting -Apr 16, 2010 | May 19, 2010-), ο διαμοιρασμός ιστοσυνδέσμων μέσω e-mail (το γνωστό σε όλους tell a friend) καλά κρατεί. Στην δεύτερη θέση έρχεται το Facebook και στην τρίτη το Twitter. Σας παραθέτω αναλυτικά τα δεδομένα:

Top Events (Apr 16, 2010 – May 19, 2010)

1. Email (64,23%)

2. Facebook (4,62%)

3. Twitter (3,16%)

*based on overall sharing

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Nikitas Georgopoulos is a graphic designer and he has 10+ years of experience producing high-quality creative projects. He designed websites for hotels, restaurants, construction companies. He is specializing in creating fonts, industrial electronic design, logo design, brochures, packaging, jewelry photography. He is the founder of E-mailit project. E-mailit is a free multilingual sharing platform to increase your traffic and page rank to your site and allow your visitors to automatically e-mail their friends about your website content whenever they find something they would like to share. Also, your visitors can bookmark and share your pages fast and easy. E-mailit is the 1st and the only one free sharing platform in Greece.


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